Our roots

In the countryside of Matera, city recognized by the UNESCO as “World Heritage” for the extraordinary
nature of the ancient Sassi, within the “Park of the Rupestrian Churches”, lies our farm.
From its century-old history and our passion comes the desire to preserve the fruits of Lucania, handing down the local country flavors and traditions.
In 1998 was realized the company laboratory,where skillful hands and ancient recipes meet.

Farmers since ever

Prior the taste of cultivating: vegetables and fruit intended to processing are grown directly in our fields. This choice gives us the opportunity to choose the varieties with the best organoleptic features, to search old varieties, to adopt the most appropriate cultivation techniques: everything is done in order to give priority to the quality of the final product instead of the quantity.

Our philosophy

Searching for old varieties, manual processing, quality over quantity, innovation in tradition: these are the pillars of our production philosophy.
The vegetables cultivated in our fields, often selected among old local varieties, freshly harvested, are sent to the laboratory: here are processed rigorously by hand and preserved following traditional processing methods, with the only use of natural preservatives as vinegar and salt.

Food processing

Then the taste of preserving: in the heart of the farm, a few hundred meters far from the fields, the processing takes place in our laboratory: vegetables and fruit freshly harvested and placed in boxes, are sent to the laboratory so that the processing can start, in some cases, after few minutes from the moment in which they are picked from the plant.
The processing of every single product of the company is based on few but important strategic choises: only seasonal raw material.

Our recipe


Preserving is a real art which needs passion and appropriate knowledges, starting from the choise of the food, which must be extremely fresh and top quality. To this must be added the choice of processing methods: ours are ancient methods, taken from the tradition of our territory, as the drying, the under salt, the preserving in oil. We only try to find the method which is the most appropriate to a food rather than an other.


Considered as the method used to prevent the deterioration of food, due to chemical factors (oxidation), physical (temperature, light) or biological (microorganisms), the preservation can take place in various ways, requiring, inter alia, the use of preservatives.
Our company has preferred exclusively natural preservatives as: vinegar and salt.


Choosen to isolate the vegetables from the air, so as to stop the action of aerobic microorganisms, it is the only vegetable oil obtained by pressure, without manipulation or chemical additives, unlike the seed oils (soy, peanut, sunflower, etc…).
Composed mainly of monounsaturated fatty acids, with the presence of the right quantity of fatty acid linoleic, polyphenols, vitamin E and beta carotene, contains vitamins E, A, K, D which have antioxidant properties and protective effect on the cells of the organism.
The extra virgin olive oil is a healty and genuine food, highly digestible which facilitates the gastric and hepatic function, regulating the intestinal one, it reduces the risks of heart attack, hypertension and other atherosclerotic diseases, as it keeps low levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and protects the levels of good cholesterol with its monounsaturated fatty acids.


The use of glass as main material of our containers comes from the countless advantages it present:
– it forms a total barrier against oxigen;
– it is a natural material and, not giving any tipe of substance to the product, mantains the content absolutely uncontaminated;
– it is an ecological material, since, because of its chemical structure, it doesn’t pollute, meaning that it doesn’t cause reactions in contact with the environment;
– it is respectful of the environment, since it’s the only container usable a dozen of times and 100% recyclable.

Azienda Agricola Belfiore | sede legale: via Lucana, 274 Matera - P.iva 01048200776


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